Gotta love rain to see the rainbow

She took off the silk foulard and threw it on the bed. She lit the umpteenth cigarette of the day and she leaned on the balcony. Hangars at her feet looked quiet, except for the burning in South.
The matter was getting complicated, buyers were becoming more and more demanding and satisfying them was becoming exasperating.
She had to find a solution, and had to find it quickly, she needed Lawrence help.
His flunkeys would find something to make the buyers happy. She headed to Lawrence’s room and opened the door without knocking. She never did, they had no secrets for each other and conventions weren’t made for them. What was the use in knocking? She knew everything about him, she knew his very soul better then he did himself. She knew he would have killed, had she asked him to.
She found Lawrence sitting with a glass in his hands. “Once again, he’s having visions..” she thought “..the memories of his mother are returning more and more frequently… and the only thing to make him calm down are heavy doses of painkillers. Sooner or later he will start asking questions and this time answers will better not be vague like the ones I gave him when he was seven. I have to find a solution, and I have to find it quick”
She looked in his eyes and took the glass from his hands “I need you lucid, things are getting complicated, buyers are not satisfied, they want something more innovative and sophisticated. We have a week or they will turn to others, you have 72 hours of time to bring me something astonishing. Don’t let me down”.
She leaned on him and kissed the corner of his mouth, passed a hand through his hair and walked away, closing the door behind her.

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